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  1. 1 Version 10.1, 06/2019 ANNEX I SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS [NOTE: the following are those items of information required by Article 11 of Directive 2001/83/E
  2. The QRD group also implemented editorial improvements in the translations. The revised templates are available on both the EMA and CMDv websites. Maltese fonts. Maltese fonts are built in to Windows XP SP3 and higher. Centralised procedures. List item. Quality Review of Documents veterinary product-information annotated template (English) version 8.1 - clean (PDF/249.34 KB) First published.
  3. At the end of June 2019 EMA published new QRD template (v10.1) for centrally authorized products. Marketing Authorization Holders are strongly encouraged to update the product information in the next regulatory procedure which affects the summary of product characteristics (SmPC), labelling or package leaflet
  4. For referral procedures: Please refer to the guidance in the annotated QRD template for centralised procedures.] 5. H. ow to store X <[To be completed nationally]> [For referral procedures, as appropriate] Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Do not use this medicine after the expiry date which is stated on the <label> <carton> <bottle> <...> <after {abbreviation used for.
  5. QRD Templates. In order to view some of the documents on this website you need Acrobat Reader (click here to download) CMDh annotated QRD template for MRP/DCP (February 2020) [Track version] Addendum to the Quality Review of Documents templates for SmPC, Labelling and Patient Leaflet on Mutual-recognition and Decentralised procedures specific for (Traditional) Herbal Medicinal Products ((T.

Les feuilles de style sous Word sont structurées pour permettre l'extraction et la publication d'informations sur des bases de données publiques comme le Répertoire des Médicaments et la Base de Données Publiques Des Médicaments. Ces feuilles de styles respectent le modèle européen en vigueur (Site EMA - QRD Template QRD guidance on the use of approved pictograms on the packaging of veterinary medicinal products authorised via National translations of the combined label and leaflet template can be found on the EMA website. New QRD/CMDv product information template. Implementation plan for QRD-CMDv product information template Version 8.1 . Annotated QRD/CMDv PI template. Quality Review of Documents.

The United Kingdom (UK) withdrew from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020 and is no longer an EU Member State.HMA and CMDh/v are in the process of making appropriate changes to this website. If the site still contains content that does not yet reflect the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, this is unintentional and will be addressed.In case you notice information that should be updated. QRD@ema.europa.eu Keywords Package leaflet, PL, summary of product characteristics, SmPC, QRD, template, labelling, product information . Quality Review of Documents (QRD) human product information annotated template: revision of the product information EMA/468498/2012 Page 2/15 Introduction The purpose of this revision is to implement the new provisions from the pharmacovigilance legislation. QRD@ema.europa.eu. Keywords . Package leaflet, PL, summary of product characteristics, SmPC, QRD, template, labelling, product information . Quality Review of Documents (QRD) human product information annotated template: revision of the product information EMA/204889/2012 Page 2/15 Introduction . The purpose of this revision is to implement the new provisions from the pharmacovigilance.

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  1. The product information templates are available on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) website in all languages.. An annotated version of the MRP/DCP QRD-template can be found on the HMA website.. For National procedures, the QRD template used for MRP, DCP and referrals applies. Dutch versions of the QRD template. Centralised procedur
  2. The word based application forms (AF) have been replaced by electronic application forms (eAF), with new possibilities like electronic data import/export, data population within the form, online access to standardised catalogue terms, built in business rule validation, and support for validation of form, etc. Implementation of mandatory use of the eAF is part of the HMA eSubmission roadmap
  3. ar. Our teams are specialised in adapting SmPC/PL and label texts to the current language-specific QRD templates. They not only take into account the linguistic and country-specific requirements of the national authorities, but also give consideration to the individual exceptions and formatting rules
  4. Since the first QRD template was published in 1996, the number of words used in this text frame of headings and general package insert texts has increased extensively from initially less than 100.
  5. The CMDh Template for RMS change should be sent to: slot.france@ansm.sante.fr . Acceptability will be confirmed within 14 days; France must already be a CMS and all related procedures must be finalized; No fees will be charged for changing the RMS to Franc
  6. Three package leaflet groups each with the three different templates were developed using QRD template version 7.3.1 (personal communi- cation, EMA) and 8, and a model template with less than 200 words whichhadbeentestedinapreviousstudy.Thelatterisnamedinthe following as model template
  7. QRD template updates can be a tricky business as each and every language may have country-specific changes, so it's not just a case of translating the changes in the English template into the target languages. At First Edition we work with professional mother-tongue translators specialised in pharmaceutical projects who are more than familiar with the EMA centralised process and are aware of.

The BASG Templates for Human Medicinal products were adapted to the current version of the EMA QRD Templates in July 2020 and slightly revised. Further information can be found in the FAQs. To ensure that changes can be tracked, the previous versions of the BASG templates for human medicinal products are still available in the Downloads section. These documents offered by BASG are intended to. Ces feuilles de styles respectent le modèle européen en vigueur ( Site EMA - QRD Template) Elles se présentent sous 2 modèles : Textes de Référence La version T10 de la feuille de style est conforme à la version 10 du QRD template européen. Le contenu des. QRD Template Texts Intended for Package Inserts Development from the first QRD template up to the new draft of July 2012 Anna Wolf1, Jörg Fuchs1,2, Harald G. Schweim1 1Department of Drug Regulatory Affairs at the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany 2PAINT-Consult®, Jena, Germany Corresponding author: Dr. Jörg Fuchs, PAINT-Consult®, Wenigenjenaer Ufer 12, 07749 Jena. Suivi des demandes en attente. Dans le cadre du traitement de demandes de modifications d'AMM en attente de notification, l'Agence s'engage du 1er avril à fin octobre 2017 à recevoir vos dépôts de mise à jour (phase 2)

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The QRD templates on the EMA website give you the official wording that has to be used in the summary of product characteristics (SmPC), labelling (L) and package leaflet (PL) of medicinal products, in accordance with Directive 2001/83/EC. The aim is to ensure consistency across different medicinal products and across all Member States. The templates define: Standard headings (e.g. CLINICAL. Guide to the Submission of Applications for Marketing Authorisation of Medicinal Products. Recommendations that should be followed: 1. Prior filing an application, an informal letter should be sent, preferably be telefax, to Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte, Fachregistratur Z14.1, Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee 3, D-53175 Bonn - telefax number: +49 228 207 3681 stating the name. The EMA/QRD-Template. The QRD-template was mentioned in the first version of the Readability Guideline (1999). It was developed by the European Medicines Agency. Version 10 (most recent update May 2016) is available in 25 languages. The annotated version (10, 02/2016) and the EMA website provide the following reason to use this template: 'The purpose of the templates is to ensure that all. The one thing that releases large amounts of adrenaline in any pharmaceutical translator is an update of the EMA QRD template for product information. On 9th February 2016, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published version 10 of the templates for product information for use by applicants and marketing-authorisation holders for human medicines, and I rushed to EMA's official website to.

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  1. Documents of EMA . 2.1 QRD - QRD Templates - HERE - QRD convention for the EMA QRD templates - HERE - Working group on Quality Review of Documents - HERE - Compilation of QRD decisions on stylistic matters in product information - HERE. 2.2 Terms - Terms for batch number and expiry date to be used on the labelling - HERE - How to prepare and review a summary of product.
  2. QRD v 9.1 is still valid EMA says: Implementation timelines It is recommended to implement the revised QRD template v9.1 as soon as possible, but not later than 2 years following the publication date, for medicinal products with regulatory activity, and no later than 3 years for medicinal products with no regulatory activity
  3. Notably, pre-2011 documents are mostly according to version 7 of the QRD template (centralised procedures or version 1 of the QRD template (mutual recognition, decentralised and referral procedures). However, upon request, we can also update older SmPCs and PILs to comply with the latest templates. Furthermore, we are fully conversant with other EMA requirements and guidelines that govern.
  4. QRD templates The Quality Review of Documents group (QRD)1 developed templates which provide the official wording to be used in the SmPC and PIL in accordance with Directive 2001/83/EC. With these templates, consistency across different medicinal products and across all Member States is aimed for. User testin
  5. European Union - Interinstitutional Style Guide - Uniform stylistic rules and conventions (publishing, copyright, manuscripts, proofreading, States/countries, languages, currencies, punctuation, upper case and lower case, abbreviations, acronyms

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together with the signed template for the Quality Expert. A Module 1 need not be submitted. If the original Part II contained data on bioequivalence, then this data should be extracted from the Part II and reformatted into the new CTD structure, and annexed in a separate binder. The submission of reformatted documentation should preferably occur simultaneously but separately with the. Limitation to mandatory contents through stricter use of the QRD template's bracketing convention, which would reduce package leaflets' text without loss of essential information, is suggested. In addition, making the current QRD template more concise is strongly recommended. Keywords QRD template, package insert, package leaflet, regulatory affairs, patient information. References. 1. 7 Chapter 1 Readability of the package leaflet and the labelling SECTION A RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE PACKAGE LEAFLET GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS The package leaflet is intended for the patient/user. If the package leaflet is well designe Discussion among translators, entitled: New EMA QRD templates : Again . Forum name: Subtitling. This site uses cookies. Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used. For more information, please see the ProZ.com.

In a separate guidance document the EMA outlines the implementation plan for the revised QRD template concerning centralised procedures. The guidance provides the following instructions: (i) With regard to on-going marketing authorisation applications, the revised QRD template must be implemented as soon as possible. The final date for. Hi, I apologize in advance, if this has already been discussed elsewhere in this forum. The translation agency I work for has recently complained, as I had added context to the source text of a leaflet, although I was actually trying to follow the latest EMA template EMA introduces changes to the QRD templates Posted on 3rd July 2015 1st September 2017 by ivowenadministrator The EMA has introduced changes to the QRD templates of the product information that accompany all medicines authorised for use in the EU including package leaflet (PL) and the summary of product characteristics (SmPC)

& New QRD template Blanca García-Ochoa Martín Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) Legal framework Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament and of the C il f 6 N b 2001 th C it d l tiCouncil of 6 November 2001 on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use. Title V ((gpg )'labelling and package leaflet') Art 59 - 69 • Article 59.3: The package leaflet shall. Package Leaflets, QRD Templates and Forms. November 17, 2020 by Nuno Pereira in Industry News. GLOBAL PROFESSIONALS NETWORK Package leaflets Package leaflets enclosed in medication packages are an important source of information for patients or carers about a particular drug, whether prescribed or bought over-the-counter, and should be read before starting treatment and while taking the. Two webinar videos on EMA templates. Posted on 7 September 2016 by Emma Goldsmith. News of two September webinars for medical translators. Continue reading → Posted in Medical, Regulatory | Tagged EDQM, EMA, MedDRA, medical translation, QRD templates, webinar | 17 Comments. A translator's guide to the EMA templates. Posted on 24 May 2012 by Emma Goldsmith. How to use the European Medicines.

Revised QRD template within 3 years - Can be implemented in Type IA, Type IB, Type II, Renewals, Line extension etc. where the submission affects the product information (PI). Approval of submissions must be no later than the 9 th February 2019 QRD template - Centralised procedures (annotated template (English) version 10 - highlighted) 3. QRD template - Mutual-recognition, decentralised and referral procedures (clean) 4. QRD template - Mutual-recognition, decentralised and referral procedures (CMDh annotated QRD template for MRP/DCP - highlighted) Vytlačiť stránku Kontakt . ŠÚKL. Kvetná 11. 825 08 Bratislava. IČO: 00165221. Our Labelling group work with a translation team who are experienced and trained in the requirements of the EMA Working Party for Quality Review of Documents (QRD) which include QRD template requirements, policies, guidance, as well as all standard terms and formatting conventions. We also publish and submit the translations to the MS and QRD group throughout the procedure Binnen het Europees Geneesmiddelenagentschap (EMA), hebben de Coordination Group for Mutal Recognition and Decentralised Procedures (CMDv) en de Werkgroep Quality Review of Documents (QRD) hebben eind 2012 de modellen (templates) voor de Samenvatting van Kenmerken van het Product (SKP), de bijsluiter voor het publiek, en de etikettering van de geneesmiddelen voor diergeneeskundig herzien ANPASSUNG AN QRD-TEMPLATE Auf der EMA Seite werden von der EMA Working Group on Quality Review of Documents (QRD) Vorlagen zur Verfügung gestellt, nach denen sich Pharmazeutische Unternehmer in der Erstellung ihrer Produktinformationstexte richten sollen. Es liegt in der Verantwortung der Unternehmen, sicherzustellen, dass die Produktinformationen zu diesen Texten konform sind. Die QRD.

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Ausschüsse der EMA und der Pharmazeutischen Unternehmer bei der Erstellung der Produktinformation (hinsichtlich linguistischer Aspekte) Die QRD product information templates sollen • praktische Hilfestellung beim Erstellen der Produktinformation geben • sicherstellen, dass alle gesetzlich geforderten Informationen (in der richtigen Reihenfolge) in der Produktinformation enthalten sind. EMA has published updated templates of the centralised template on their website. At a quick glance, it seems to me that the quality of the Finnish template has not been improved, but here is the general description of the update from the EMA website: Latest update: June 2015 (version 9.1

The QRD template only contains information on what must be mentioned on the packaging. A. Required particulars on outer packaging and primary packaging . 1. Name of the medicinal product The Law of 25 March 1964 defines the name is as follows: the name, which may be an invented name, not to be confused with the commo Working at EMA, you can make a difference in protecting the health of every individual and animal in Europe. Whatever your expertise, you will be part of a diverse and highly regarded team of over 800 talented colleagues. You will work at the heart of medicines development and regulation, while enjoying attractive benefits and a healthy work-life balance. View all jobs Stay connected. Enter.

Applicants should refer to the EMA/QRD webpage for further specific guidance on the use of approved pictograms on the packaging of veterinary medicinal products8. Additional use of label information in Braille is possible, even if it is not mentioned in Directive 2001/82/EC. 5. Marketing authorisation number This is the marketing authorisation number consisting of EU followed by a nine-digit. QRD Templates (EMA Website) According to the CMD(h) Implementation plan for new marketing authorisation applications (national/MR/DC procedures) submitted from 1 st April 2016 the revised QRD template should be used, but the revised QRD template and ATD are not conditions of validation of the application but should be submitted at the earliest opportunity during the evaluation of the application [*Zur Umsetzung in der Druckversion, siehe Hinweise im annotated QRD template.] Überdosierung <Kinder und Jugendliche> Pharmakologische Eigenschaften. Pharmakodynamische Eigenschaften. Pharmakotherapeutische Gruppe: {Gruppe}, ATC-Code: {Code} <noch nicht zugewiesen> <{Name (Phantasiebezeichnung) des Arzneimittels} ist ein biologisch / biotechnologisch hergestelltes Arzneimittel, das im.

Contextual translation of qrd into English. Human translations with examples: qrd template • Human regulatory → Product information → Templates a Reference and guidelines . Templates šablóny • aktuálna verzia 10.0(CP) a 4.0(MRP/DCP) • zmena v návrhu vonkajšieho a vnútorného obalu - pridanie častí 17 a 18 (súvis so zavádzaním bezpečnostných prvkov na základe legislatívy falšovaných liekov) Implementácia • CMDh/345/2016 (02/2016) • NOVÉ iadosti o. QRD human product information annotated template on 10th of April 2012 (EMA/204889/2012). The main reason for this revision is the implementation of the new pharmacovigilance legislation published in Directive 2010/84/EU and regulation (EU) No 1235/2010 [1, 2]. This applies especially to : • Additional monitoring: Directive 2010/84/EU provides the following new requirements relating to.

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Pdf The Influence Of The European Unions Qrd Template On Cmdv Annual Report 2013 Ema Cmdv 74350 2014 Be Pharmacovigilant Important Changes In The Ppt Download A06 Cmdv Annual Report 2014 310315 Ema Cmdv 67840 2015 1402213 05022014 Dr Bachmann Aggelosterzakis Ellinikiepopoiia1940 1941 Meb 5 Package Leaflet Of Pharmaceutical Products Cmdh Clarifications On Questions Received On The Best Practice. QRD Template Appendix V. Texts urging users to report any side effects must be added to the summary of product characteristics and the package leaflet in accordance with the attached file. The national translations, QRD Template Appendix V (PDF) Read more. QRD template appendices on the EMA website. Excipients. All excipients of the medicinal product must be listed under SPC Section 6.1 and PL. Timeframe for Implementation of revised QRD Template. In a separate guidance document the EMA outlines the implementation plan for the revised QRD template concerning centralised procedures. The. statement by complying With the revised QRD template. The CHMP opinion or EMA notification for the above procedures should fall within the 9 months period* following the publication of the revised QRD template and shall occur no later than 31/12/13. *9 months following publication of the revised QRD template (i.e. April - December 2013) In the latter category, if no regulatory procedure (with.

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The EMA (European Medicines Agency) has just updated the QRD template for decentralised/mutual recognition procedures (Version 3). Unlike the major overhaul of this template in August 2011, the latest changes are tweaks to the existing templates to eliminate some of the inconsistencies of its predecessor. While the wording of headings and statements in the English template has essentially. EMA/524020/2007 User guide on how to generate PDF versions of the product information - human and EMA/62470/2007 QRD convention to be followed for the EMA-QRD templates SI units, non-breaking spaces and hyphens; Standard translations in accordance with Appendix I-IV; Contact us June 1996 by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).5 This group published the first edition of the QRD template in the same year. The QRD template, which is based on Article 65 of Directive 2001/83.

Title: EN_qrd_veterinary template_v.8 en Author: ��Senajov� Jana, Mgr. Subject: General-EMA/201224/2010 Created Date: 3/16/2020 12:23:32 P QRD updates to the SmPC, PIL and labelling may be submitted at any regulatory opportunity when other changes are being made to these documents, under type IB and type II variations. No separate classification is required. If changes are proposed to the PIL and labelling only, these may be combined with changes that are being submitted for full assessment under Article 61.3 (categories P1-P4. Are the EMA QRD and QRD vet templates accepted for national products? Last update: 2014-01-30 . Yes. 10. How should EXP and Lot be placed on unit-dose blisters? Last update: 2018-04-23 . All information required for blisters must appear on each unit dose presentation. For statement of Lot and EXP, the following applies: Guideline on Nordic packages . 4 . For a unit-dose.

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(via QRD Secr or QRD MSs) • Close collaboration with EMA PM Sector with regard toClose collaboration with EMA PM Sector with regard to the revision of the QRD templates (DES v2.8) • PIM is a ppp ygermanent topic in the QRD Plenary meetings agenda since 2004 • External EMA QRD webpage links to QRD Templates an By way of derogation from the above, a national variation pursuant to Section 29(1) AMG of the German Drug Law (AMG) should be submitted, if during the transitional period until 09.02.2019, no use is made of the option to include the safety feature standard statement in the product information by adaptation to the QRD product-information template QRD product-information template in the context.

On 10 June 2015, the European Medicines Agency published the revised Human Product Information templates for medicinal products in the European Union (EU). The revised Quality Review of Documents (QRD) template concerning centralised procedures is most notably affected by this update. The update introduces certain modifications to the Human Product Information template and is. The first video is called EMA templates and EU terminology for medical translators - the Basics. It's a recording of a webinar I gave in September 2016 and it's hosted at eCPD Webinars. The webinar covers the following topics: The second video, also recorded in September 2016, is called Beyond the Basics. If you watched the first session, you'll be ready for this one - it's not.

The QRD template compression as outlined here has the potential of bringing significantly greater and quicker improvements to all package leaflets used in the European Union than would be achieved. Before a shorter QRD template can be published, we recommend that pharmaceutical companies should consequently abide by the bracketing convention in the template to achieve the minimum number of.

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Forum: Subtitling Topic: New EMA QRD templates : Again Poster: lee anhy Emma Goldsmith wrote: Yes. Not only is this the case in the Spanish version (it is missing For advanced therapy product only), but also, under Pharmaceutical Form: The score line is not intended for breaking the tablet is translated as: La ranura debe utilizarse para fraccionar el comprimido. (The negative has been. QRD template. After coordination with QRD, upon proposal from the ORGAM DG, the HMPC agreed to an addendum for the generally applicable QRD template clarifying specifics for (traditional) herbal medicinal products: Addendum to the Quality Review of Documents templates for SmPC, Labelling and Patient Leaflet on Mutual-recognition and Decentralised procedures specific for (Traditional) Herbal. Discussion among translators, entitled: EMA templates - how to follow them?!. Forum name: Medica Bekijk het profiel van Jaime Oliva op LinkedIn, de grootste professionele community ter wereld. Jaime heeft 6 functies op zijn of haar profiel. Bekijk het volledige profiel op LinkedIn om de connecties van Jaime en vacatures bij vergelijkbare bedrijven te zien

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Title: CS_qrd_veterinary template_v 8 cs Subject: General-EMA/201220/2010 Author: Prizzi Monica Last modified by: Malanová Zdena Created Date: 1/4/2016 1:14:00 P Title: EN_qrd_veterinary template_v.8 en Subject: General-EMA/201224/2010 Author: med-translations Last modified by: Neugebauerová Kateřina Created Dat QRD templates. Osobito je korisna uputa EMA-e How to prepare and review a summary of product characteristics, koja sadrži poveznice na druge bitne smjernice i praktične primjere kako što kvalitetnije izraditi SmPC. Osobito je korisna uputa EMA-e How to prepare and review a summary of product characteristics , koja sadrži poveznicena druge bitne smjernice i praktične primjere kako. III. Template QRD Ce template a été rédigé par le groupe de travail au niveau européen Quality Review of Documents (QRD). Ce document explique comment les différentes rubriques telles qu'indiquées dans la législation doivent être complétées. Il est utilisé comme document de base pour les conditionnements des médicaments New QRD templates for the introduction of the safety features. The new QRD annotated template for the labelling includes the following sections in: Particulars to appear on <the outer packaging> or <the Immediate packaging> if the medicinal product has not outer packaging: 17. UNIQUE IDENTIFIER - 2D BARCODE. 18. UNIQUE IDENTIFIER - HUMAN READABLE DATA. Updated QRD template in track changes.

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at EMA; Search results for . Search by keyword. More options Clear. Loading... Share these Jobs. Results 1 - 16 of 16 Page 1 of 1. Search results for . Page 1 of 1, Results 1 to 16 Title Deadline for application Type of position Collaborating Expert - Vaccines for emerging health threats. Notice on the new version of Appndix V. QRD template and procedure for indicating information on the national system of reporting undesirable effects in the summary of product Characteristics and Package Leaflet . 09.04.2015. We hereby inform marketing authorisation applicants/holders that the information on the reporting system in the Republic of Croatia in the Summary of Product. Coronavirus : L'EMA organise une deuxième audition publique sur les nouveaux vaccins COVID-19. 24/12/2020. Coronavirus : nouveau formulaire en ligne pour signaler les effets indésirables suspects d'un vaccin contre la COVID-19. 24/12/2020. Coronavirus : questions et réponses sur les vaccins contre la COVID-19 . 24/12/2020. Coronavirus : nouvelle extension des mesures prises par l'AFMPS pour. Discussion among translators, entitled: Wrong translation (into Italian) on EMA website . Forum name: Medica

pharmaceutical regulatory affairs including EMA templates such as PILs and SPCs; medical records and patient notes; medical research (PhD thesis, journal articles); medical devices and equipment IFUs and user interfaces; clinical guidelines and health economics; market research and marketing; legislation within the pharmaceutical and health care area; psychology. I also have experience of. QRD template seminars for regulatory affairs personnel. Inconsistency checks - e.g. between various strengths and Core Data Sheets and nationally approved texts in all EU languages. MedDRA terminology checks - Checking MedDRA terminology in Section 4.8 of your SmPCs. Creation of style guides for the formatting and design of product information Nouvelle version du Template QRD. L'obligation du format e-CTD pour les nouvelles demandes d'AMM suivant la procédure décentralisée (DCP) A partir du 01/07/2015 le format e-CTD sera obligatoire pour la procédure décentralisée (DCP), conformément à la roadmap e-submissionv1.0

Modèles QRD, termes standard EDQM, respect des directives de l'autorité suisse de contrôle des médicaments, conformité aux directives BPF. mt-g.eu. mt-g.eu. QRD-Templates, EDQM-Standard-Terms, Einhaltung der Vorgaben der Schweizer Arzneimittelbehörde, Berücksichtigung der GMP-Richtlinien. mt-g.eu. mt-g.eu. seulement ils utilisent les modèles QRD de l'EMA et la nomenclature EDQM. Forum: Medical Topic: Basic and advanced webinars on EMA/QRD templates for medical translators Poster: Emma Goldsmith If you're a medical translator, you may be interested in two webinars I'm giving through eCPD Webinars tomorrow, 20th September, and next week, 27th September. The first will be a theoretical introduction to translating medicinal product information for EU marketing.

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The changes are in line with the changes for the QRD template in the centralised procedure. The QRD template along with further information on the implementation of the safety features will be published as soon as the delegated act on the safety features is published. Regulation (EC) No 1234/2008 on variation

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